About Us

The Challenge:

Families in Crisis

Many life circumstances can throw a family into chaos and render the parents unable to provide the physical or emotional nurturing their children need. When situations like a medical crisis, divorce, or mental illness overturn a family, the impact on every member can spiral out of control and change their lives forever. 

The Mission

What if that spiral could be interrupted? Bridges offers respite and host homes so that children can continue to receive the nurturing they need despite the crisis. Simultaneously, Bridges’ comprehensive case management helps the family to restore stability to the home so that the children may return to a happier, healthier life.

The Process

1. Assessment

Bridges is contacted by a family in crisis. A care manager is sent within a week to assess the family’s needs.

2. Game Plan

 A care manager is assigned to the family. They prepare a game plan which includes a safe respite or host family for the children. The care manager also provides as many community resources as possible to strengthen and empower the family unit and help navigate the crisis.

2. Stick With It

The care manager follows up weekly with the parents, children and respite or host family. The care manager continues to adjust the plan as needed until Bridges involvement is no longer necessary.