Get Involved

Become a care manager

A care manager works with every member of a family to help them access the resources they need. This includes liaising with host/respite families on behalf of the children, working with children directly to provide support, and helping the parents in crisis gain stability.  All care managers have a master’s level degree or higher in a mental health-related field, and receive specialized training via courses created by Bridges. 

Become a respite Family

As a respite family, you would host a Bridges child after school, for weekends or on the schedule that works for you for 6-12 months. This allows the child to experience a stable and nurturing environment while still living at home.

Become a host family

When a home is unable to provide any stability, then the child moves in with a host family for 6-12 months. The care manager continues to facilitate visitation whenever possible in order to nurture the relationship between the child and his parents.

Become a supporter

100 % of your contributions will go directly to improving the lives of children and families in need.